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February 25 2017


One year of Humanitarian Corridors: a new group is coming, reaching 700 people rescued from war

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Dear user,

One year of humanitarian corridors!

27 February and 2 March we will celebrate welcoming in Italy other 125 people.
The first group of refugees from the war in Syria arrived in Italy in February 2016.
It seemed a dream, for them and for us, to help whole families, who had lost everything, to start a new life. Around them an extraordinary movement of solidarity has grown up: many have offered help, even offering homes. This has shown the  beautiful face of Italy, which encourages and supports us to continue. And so, one year after the first arrivals, we reach the number of 700 people rescued from Damascus, Homs, Aleppo. Among them many children born with the war, who have known the peace in our country.

Pope Francis is encouraging us a lot on this path. Just a few days ago he said that to address the issue of migration, you have to use "four verbs: to welcome, protect, promote, integrate." It's the best way to think also of our future.
On Monday, February 27, we will be at Fiumicino airport, and stream live the arrival of refugees and the welcome press conference. Follow the event in streaming on our website and our Facebook page!

Thank you for your sympathy and support. See you soon!
The friends of Sant'Egidio
If you want to know more, visit the page about the Humanitarian Corridors
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