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January 25 2018


The Syrian civil war is far from over. This is why the Humanitarian Corridors go on

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Dear {Name},

The civil war in Syria is far from over:"" the second Syrian war" is under way for the partition of the country. These days the situation is getting worse because of a Turkey's attacks against the Kurdish- Syrian Ypg militias, which are pleading independence on the Kurdish area in the north of Syria. While the interest of different countries are at stake, the Syrian population continues to suffer and try to escape in search of peace.

Our reaction to the war continues to be the Humanitarian Corridors a project that become a model for Europe. Since February 2016 a thousand of refugees arrived in Italy. It is a signal of hope because it represents a way of welcome which is safe both for those who migrate and for those who welcome. It is now possibile to realize and to finance concrete alternatives to the migrant sea route and to the human traffickers. Thi sis possible thanks to an alliance between different subjects of civil society.

We did not stop. A new protocol for a thousand of refugees was signed last year. A new group of 30 Syrians will arrive in Rome on January 30th. One more corridor will arrive on the 29th in France. you may follow their arrival in streaming us on Facebook and on

Thanks for your support also on behalf of people who live now in peace and far from war. Together our dreams come true.

The Community of Sant'Egidio

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