September 5, Tuesday -  Piazza di San Francesco
Final Ceremony

Melissa Nagadja
Community of Sant’Egidio, Uganda

I am Melissa Nagadya and I come from Uganda,

I come from a country that for 20 years, has been ravaged by war and violence especially in the North. Many of you probably heard about the difficult situation of Northern Uganda.

For 20 years children have never lived happily. They have grown up with wounded hearts. Women have always been treated as slaves. Guns and knives have been identities of people everywhere. Refuges could be counted by the thousands.

But today there is good news form that part of the world. Peace may not yet be complete but I hope that all this violence and sorrow may have been put to an end by the cease-fire was signed two weeks ago. This cease fire was also achieved thanks to the relentless effort of the Community of Sant’Egido that for many years has been close to Uganda and to its people.

I strongly believe that such a tragic war, that to many appeared invincible, may have found its conclusion because of our common prayer for peace.

For this reason I thank you all, in the name of countless children and in the name of my people. You have never given up the hope for peace and through your invocation you have helped it being realized in Northern Uganda.

Let me express once again my gratefulness for being here and I extend my sincere thanks to the Community of Sant’Egidio and to you all.

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