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Let us help Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh

The Community of Sant'Egidio launches a fundraising campaign to send humanitarian aid to the refugee camps in Bangladesh, in collaboration with the local Church

Christmas Lunch with the poor: let's prepare a table table that reaches the whole world

The book "The Christmas Lunch" available online for free. DOWNLOAD! And prepare Christmas with the poor

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Gandhi Sohan Lal

Jaina, Indien

Panel 18 - Religion and the Value of Life
Sep 12 2011 16:00 | Residenz, Vier-Schimmel-Saal
 Ahimsa (nonviolence) as An Eternal Value of Life in the Jain Religious Tradition by Sohan Lal Gandhi
FORUM D - Human Ecology and Sustainability
hosted by the Greek-Orthodox Parish of All Saints

Sep 12 2011 19:00 | Greek Church
 The Jain Response to the Problem of Environmental Degradation by Sohan Lal Gandhi

Genn Felix

Katholischer Bischof von Münster

Panel 28 - Religious Believers, Friends of the Poor
Sep 13 2011 09:00 | Residenz München, Plenarsaal der Bayerischen Akademie der Wissenschaften

Germano Paola

Comunità di Sant’Egidio, Italia

Panel 17 - Changes in Africa: Society and Religion
Sep 12 2011 16:00 | Residenz München, Plenarsaal der Bayerischen Akademie der Wissenschaften
 Changes in Africa: Society and Religion- Paola Germano

Giovagnoli Agostino

Historian, Community of Sant’Egidio

Panel 9 - Japan after the Earthquake
Sep 12 2011 09:30 | Neues Rathaus, Kleiner Sitzungssaal

Giro Mario

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Italy

Panel 1 - Europe and its Mission in the World
Sep 12 2011 09:00 | Residenz, Herkulessaal
 L’Europa e la sua missione nel mondo di Mario Giro

Glemp Józef

Cardinal, Archbishop Emeritus of Warsaw, Poland

Panel 3 -The spirit of Assisi: 25 years of history
Sep 12 2011 09:00 | Residenz, Kaisersaal

Glück Alois

President of the Central Committee of German Catholics, Germany

FORUM - F Speaking of Hope: the Language of Christians in the 3rd Millennium
hosted by the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Bavaria

Sep 12 2011 19:00 | St. Matthäuskirche

Gnanarama Thero

Rector of the Buddhist and Pali College of Singapore

Panel 32 - Religions in Asia: the Challenge of Modernity
Sep 13 2011 09:00 | Neues Rathaus, Kleiner Sitzungssaal
 Religions and Asia by Thero Gnanarama

Gnavi Marco

Community of Sant’Egidio, Italy

Panel 2 - Christian Unity, Love of the Poor
Sep 12 2011 09:00 | Residenz, Cuvilliés-Theater

Gnilka Joachim

Catholic theologian, Germany

Panel 7 - Justice and Love in Scriptures
Sep 12 2011 09:00 | Residenz, Schwarzer Saal
 La giustizia secondo il Nuovo Testamento di Joachim Gnilka

Gracias Oswald

Cardinale, Presidente della Conferenza Episcopale Indiana

Panel 15 - Arguments for Living Together
Sep 12 2011 16:30 | Residenz, Kaisersaal
 Argument for Co-existence - by Oswald Cardinal Gracias
Panel 32 - Religions in Asia: the Challenge of Modernity
Sep 13 2011 09:00 | Neues Rathaus, Kleiner Sitzungssaal
FORUM - G Christians in Asia
hosted by Kardinal Döpfer Haus Freising

Sep 12 2011 19:00 | Kardinal Döpfer Haus

Gregorios III Laham

Greek Melkite Catholic Patriarch of Antioch

Panel 31 - Islamic-Christian Dialogue: a New Era
Sep 13 2011 09:00 | Rathaus, Großer Sitzungssaal
 Muslim-Christian Dialogue by Gregorios III
IT | DE | EN

Gröhe Hermann

Ministro della Salute, Germania

Panel 15 - Arguments for Living Together
Sep 12 2011 16:30 | Residenz, Kaisersaal
 Le ragioni del convivere - di Hermann Gröhe

Guerrend Hermès Simon Xavier

Presidente della Fondazione Guerrend Hermès per la Pace, Francia

Panel 14 - Humanistic and Religious Believers: an Agenda of Coexistence
Sep 12 2011 16:00 | Residenz, Cuvilliés-Theater

Günther Marcus

Giornalista del Augsburger Allgemeine Zeitung, Germania

FORUM A - Dialogue and Peace in the Middle East
hosted by Amerikahaus of Munich

Sep 12 2011 19:00 | Amerikahaus

Prayer for Peace, Dialogue, Ecumenism, Monaco of Bavaria, Spirit of Assisi

Munich  2011

of H.H. Pope
Benedict XVI

09.11 - Destined to live together: New York - München
Destined to Live Together
Semptember 11, 2001
Link New York-München 

October 11 2017

Religions gather in Havana to open Paths of Peace in Cuba

The interreligious meeting of prayer for peace organized by Sant'Egidio in the Caribbean State
IT | EN | ES | DE | NL | ID
September 25 2017

The Spirit of Assisi in Nigeria: in Jos Christians and Muslims in dialogue to open new Paths of Peace

After Münster, the meetings of prayer and inter-religious dialogue promoted by Sant'Egidio in Africa
IT | EN | ES | DE | CA
September 22 2017

Paths of Peace: textes, videos and news of the International Meeting of prayer for peace of Münster

IT | EN | ES | FR | CA
September 14 2017

At the Roots of Terrorism. VIDEO

IT | EN | FR
September 12 2017

#pathsofpeace: world religions launch a movement to prevent conflicts. Next year's appointment in Bologna

IT | EN | NL
September 12 2017

Closing ceremony of Paths of Peace: all the interventions

IT | EN | ES | DE | CA | NL
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