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Let us help Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh

The Community of Sant'Egidio launches a fundraising campaign to send humanitarian aid to the refugee camps in Bangladesh, in collaboration with the local Church

Christmas Lunch with the poor: let's prepare a table table that reaches the whole world

The book "The Christmas Lunch" available online for free. DOWNLOAD! And prepare Christmas with the poor

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Marazziti Mario

Abgeordneter, Vorsitzender der Kommission des italienischen Parlaments für soziale Angelegenheiten

PANEL 24 - The Value of Life
Sep 11 2012 09:30 | Muslim Madresa (Gazi Husrev-begova medresa)

Marconi Luca

Regione Marche, Italia

PANEL 14 - No Future Without Family
Sep 10 2012 16:30 | Islamic Faculty Hall (Fakultet islamskih nauka)
 Intervento di Luca Marconi

Marshall Katherine

Direktorin des World Faiths Development Dialogue, USA

Opening Assembly
Sep 9 2012 17:00 | Skenderjia, Main Hall
PANEL 12 - Africa, Land of Opportunities
Sep 10 2012 16:30 | Catholic School Centre (Theatre Hall)

Minegishi Shoten

PANEL 20 - Fifty Years Later: Visions of the 2nd Vatican Council
Sep 11 2012 09:30 | National Theatre

Monti Mario

Ministerpräsident, Italien

Opening Assembly
Sep 9 2012 17:00 | Skenderjia, Main Hall
 Crisi e speranza nel mondo della globalizzazione

Morcone Mario

Innenministerium, Italien

PANEL 3 - Immigration: from Emergency to Integration
Sep 10 2012 09:30 | Priests' House (Conference Hall)

Morel Pierre

Director of “Pharos Observatory. Cultural & religious pluralism”, France

PANEL 8 - Religions in Asia: Giving Development a Soul
Sep 10 2012 09:30 | Dom Armie Kino Hall

Mourou Abdelfattah

Vice-President of the “Ennadha” Movement, Tunisia

PANEL 18 - Living Together in the Era of Globalisation
Sep 10 2012 16:30 | Dom Armie Kino Hall
PANEL 23 - A Balance of the Arab Spring
Sep 11 2012 09:30 | Islamic Faculty Hall (Fakultet islamskih nauka)

Mulia Siti Musdah

Representative of the “Indonesian Conference on Religion and Peace”

PANEL 8 - Religions in Asia: Giving Development a Soul
Sep 10 2012 09:30 | Dom Armie Kino Hall
PANEL 24 - The Value of Life
Sep 11 2012 09:30 | Muslim Madresa (Gazi Husrev-begova medresa)
 Contribution of Siti Musdah Mulia

Mussinghoff Heinrich

Evêque d’Aix-la-Chapelle, Allemagne

PANEL 17 - Environmental Crisis and New Lifestyles
Sep 10 2012 16:30 | Bosniak Institute of Sarajevo (Bošnjački institut u Sarajevu)

Dialogue, Ecumenism, Prayer for Peace, SARAJEVO, Spirit of Assisi

Message of His Holiness Benedict XVI
Benedict XVI

Programme in English


October 11 2017

Religions gather in Havana to open Paths of Peace in Cuba

The interreligious meeting of prayer for peace organized by Sant'Egidio in the Caribbean State
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September 25 2017

The Spirit of Assisi in Nigeria: in Jos Christians and Muslims in dialogue to open new Paths of Peace

After Münster, the meetings of prayer and inter-religious dialogue promoted by Sant'Egidio in Africa
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September 22 2017

Paths of Peace: textes, videos and news of the International Meeting of prayer for peace of Münster

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September 14 2017

At the Roots of Terrorism. VIDEO

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September 12 2017

#pathsofpeace: world religions launch a movement to prevent conflicts. Next year's appointment in Bologna

IT | EN | NL
September 12 2017

Closing ceremony of Paths of Peace: all the interventions

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December 26 2017

Look at the world map enlightened by the Christmas lunches

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February 23 2018
"Wir können Frieden organisieren wie andere den Krieg"
February 1 2018
50° Comunità Sant’Egidio: Hilarion (Patriarcato di Mosca), “la nostra una collaborazione che ha dato tanti buoni frutti”
January 30 2018
Corridoi umanitari: la collaborazione ecumenica via della speranza
January 26 2018
POW - Pressestelle des Ordinariates Würzburg
Angst und Lethargie überwinden
January 15 2018
Roma sette
Ecumenismo, in processione con anglicani, luterani e ortodossi
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Religions and Violence

Claretian Communications Foundation, Inc.
Making Peace

New City
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