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Let us help Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh

The Community of Sant'Egidio launches a fundraising campaign to send humanitarian aid to the refugee camps in Bangladesh, in collaboration with the local Church

Christmas Lunch with the poor: let's prepare a table table that reaches the whole world

The book "The Christmas Lunch" available online for free. DOWNLOAD! And prepare Christmas with the poor

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Rakoczy Tadeusz

Obispo de Bielsko-Zywiec

Memorial Ceremony
Silent March along the rail tracks and Memorial Ceremony at the Monument for the Victims of Nazi-fascism

Sep 8 2009 11:00 | Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp

Raoundi Mohamed

University of Dar el-Hadith el-Hassaniya of Rabat, Morocco

Panel 6 - Market Society, Religions and the Challenge of Materialism
Sep 7 2009 09:30 | Cracow City Hall – Hall C

Reder Klaus

Università di Würzburg, Comunità di Sant’Egidio, Germania

Panel 1 - Do Not Forget Auschwitz
At the end of the Panel an Award Ceremony will take place in which His Eminence Cardinal Stanisław Dziwisz will receive the Jan Karski Eagle prize

Sep 7 2009 09:30 | Słowacki Theatre

Riccardi Andrea

Founder of the Community of Sant’Egidio

Opening Assembly
Sep 6 2009 17:00 | Auditorium Maximum
 Keynote Address
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Final Ceremony
Sep 8 2009 18:45 | Market Square
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Rivière Françoise

stellv. Generaldirektorin der UNESCO, Frankreich

Opening Assembly
Sep 6 2009 17:00 | Auditorium Maximum
Panel 15 - Humankind’s Spiritual Quest in a Time of Economic Crisis
Sep 7 2009 16:30 | Cracow City Hall – Hall A

Romano Angelo

Comunità di Sant’Egidio, Italia

Panel 20 - Martyrdom and Resistance to Evil
Sep 7 2009 16:30 | Dominican Convent

Rosen David

Former Chief Rabbi of Ireland, AJC, Israel

Opening Assembly
Sep 6 2009 17:00 | Auditorium Maximum
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Panel 12 - John Paul II and the „Spirit of Assisi”
Sep 7 2009 16:30 | Słowacki Theatre

Rukundo Serapio

Ministro dei Beni Culturali, Uganda

Panel 13 - Africa, Land of Opportunity
Sep 7 2009 16:30 | Filharmonia Krakowska

Ruszczyk Fabiola

Catholic Church, Poland

Panel 5 - Latin America in a Globalized World
Sep 7 2009 09:30 | Cracow City Hall – Hall B
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Ryś Grzegorz

Rettore del Seminario cattolico di Cracovia, Polonia

Panel 14 - 1989: A Peaceful Transition
Sep 7 2009 16:30 | Aula Collegium Novum UJ

Ryłko Stanislaw

Cardinale, Presidente del Pontificio Consiglio per i Laici, Santa Sede

Panel 2 - Memory and Prophecy: the Legacy of John Paul II
Sep 7 2009 09:30 | Filharmonia Krakowska

Prayer for Peace, Dialogue, Ecumenism, Krakow, Spirit of Assisi

Cracow 2009

Greeting of pope Benedict XVI



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