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October 5 2010

The Chinese bishop Junmin at the Meeting: China, old age and suicide. Not only the GDP is growing in the Asian giant.

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Paul Pei Junmin, bishop of Shenyang, leads a diocese of about 43 million people, roughly equal to the inhabitants of Spain. Catholics are 120 thousand and their number is increasing. Also the problems of this country are growing. At the meeting organized by Sant'Egidio in Barcelona, Junmin speaks about a country where "urban population reaches 620 million people, equivalent to twice the U.S. population, but the majority of them - 680 million people - still lives in rural China. Junmin speaks not only about the successes of the Asian giant (GDP growth, improved living standards, development of international cooperation), but also of its limits.

"For the Chinese Church the care of sick and elderly people is a priority. We have opened small clinics to help the poorest of them, we have a program to treat AIDS, we build homes for the elderly, but we are facing a future we are not prepared to. China - said Junmin - by 2030 will become the world's oldest society, with 420 million elderly, and the rate of suicide among the elderly in rural areas is four to five times the world average. China is the only country where suicides of women overcome those of men and suicide is the major cause of death among the 15 to 34 age group."

Faced with these challenges, the bishop admitted having been tempted by discouragement, but to return every time to trust in Jesus and prayer, in order to show religion as a way, not only personal but social, to cope with these issues. "In China there is a religious revive, despite the fact that urbanization was expected to turn into the triumph of rationality and secular values. Over 56% of the population believe that religion has an important role in their lives. And, in our poverty, we want to help building an harmonious society in China."

October 11 2017

Religions gather in Havana to open Paths of Peace in Cuba

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September 25 2017

The Spirit of Assisi in Nigeria: in Jos Christians and Muslims in dialogue to open new Paths of Peace

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September 22 2017

Paths of Peace: textes, videos and news of the International Meeting of prayer for peace of Münster

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September 14 2017

At the Roots of Terrorism. VIDEO

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September 12 2017

#pathsofpeace: world religions launch a movement to prevent conflicts. Next year's appointment in Bologna

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September 12 2017

Closing ceremony of Paths of Peace: all the interventions

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February 23 2018

"Wir können Frieden organisieren wie andere den Krieg"

February 2 2018
el Periódico

La brújula de los sintecho

February 1 2018
La Vanguardia

La dificultad de acceso a vivienda aumenta el riesgo de pobreza en Barcelona

February 1 2018

La Comunitat de Sant Egidi presenta la “Guia Michelin dels pobres” 2018

February 1 2018

Sant'Egidio presenta la versió mòbil de la seva Guia Michelin

February 1 2018

La ''Guia Michelin pels pobres'' s'edita per primera vegada com a aplicació de mòbil

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January 25 2018

Ökumenischer Gottesdienst in der Gebetswoche für die Einheit der Christen


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