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September 8 2015 | TIRANA, ALBANIA

Tarek Mitri: "The international community cannot miss any occasions to save Libya"

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TIRANA - "The international community cannot miss any occasions to save Libya" is what Tarek Mitri said. He has been, before Costantino Leon, the special representative and head of the UN mission in Libya.

"Libya" he continued "is a country of the missed chances and the responsibility is also of the international community. We could have spared a whole year of bloodshed".

Regarding the current treaties in Geneva he said "Libyan democracy must be inclusive. In the past there have been people who have wanted to politically and militarily gain power, but this cannot be the way. We have already tried this out. There will not be a rapid solution for Libya unless all parts accept the fact that none of them must prevail".

Mitri has also said that "the dialogue is a precious instrument not only to solve but also to prevent conflicts. It is not a medicine but a vaccine" and he stigmatised the attitude of whom waits for the conflicts to start to intervene.

"The international community" - according to the Libyan politician - "has an enormous responsibility and an inevitable role in developing because it stopped Gheddafi, it has destroyed his army but afterwards it abandoned Libya".

"Libyans" concluded Mitri "need something else. They have not received any support: only if everyone will pay attention to Libya there will be a positive result".