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September 4 2015 | TIRANA, ALBANIA

Sant’Egidio : from Italy to Albania « the arrival at the other side » The former migrants tear down the walls and the fears #PeaceIsPossible

The former refugees and migrants cross the sea in the opposite direction in comparison to the travel they undertook twenty years ago to say integration is real.

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They left Bari (Italy) for Durrës (Albania) by boat to attend the International Meeting “Peace is always possible” in Tirana starting Sunday 6th of September.
ROME - At the beginning of Nineties, many of them came to Italy in crowded, improvised boats, on the run and in fear. Today, the same people decided to cross the sea in the opposite direction. Travelling from Italy to Albania, they want to send a message to all, on both sides of the sea. Do not fear, because integration is possible as it happened to them in Italy. But they also want to explain that the only solution to the current big mass migration is to build urgently and sustainably the peace where the conflicts are.

This “backwards landing”, a large group of migrants and former refugees, now “new european citizens”, has started by boat from Bari to Durres, and then to Tirana, where on Sunday the International Meeting “Peace is always possible” will open. Some young italian people have joined them on the same boat in the spirit of dialogue and cohabitation.

“We want to reach Albania" – Dawood says – "to send a strong message: we know it is impossible to stop the mass migration coming from the South if nothing is done to stop wars and conflicts. Religions can do a lot for peace. We will join them in Tirana to say to Europe and to the World not to be afraid. We need to know and meet each other: walls are the past, integration is the future”.

February 5 2018

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January 27 2018

Migranti: La guerra in Siria non è finita, ma l’Europa che crede nel futuro continua ad accogliere e integrare. Tra pochi giorni nuovi arrivi con i #corridoiumanitari

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December 18 2017

Giornata Internazionale dei diritti dei migranti: per una cultura del dialogo, dell'accoglienza, dell'inclusione

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November 30 2017

Europa e giovani migranti, il futuro va creato in Africa. Un articolo di Andrea Riccardi sul Corriere della Sera

October 19 2017

Migranti, Sant'Egidio: positiva la riforma del regolamento di Dublino avviata oggi dall'Europarlamento

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October 5 2017

#PathsofPeace in Senegal

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