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Червень 3 2014

Interfaith dialogue vs. ‘spoilers’ of Mindanao peace set in Cotabato

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To ensure that there will be real reconciliation in Mindanao following the signing of the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro, Muslim and Christian religious and political leaders are set to meet over the weekend to discuss and promote the culture of peace.

European Union (EU) Ambassador Guy Ledoux said the peace conference, to be held on June 6 to  7 in Cotabato, will be a way to ensure that “there is no opportunity for spoilers to damage” the benefits brought by the historic signing of CAB.

At a press conference Tuesday, Ledoux said the peace conference “is one way to ensure that the people on the ground are still committed to peace.”

“There have been scars because of the decades-old war and scars need to be healed,” he said.

The confeence is convened by Cotabato Archbishop Orlando Cardinal Quevedo with the Community of Sant'Egidio of Italy and in cooperation with Muhammadiyah from Indonesia.

Some 200 to 400 people are expected to attend the conference, entitled “Peace is Living Together Religions and Cultures in Dialogue for Peace and Reconciliation in Mindanao.”

Expected to attend are national and local government officials, as well as those from Moro Islamic Liberation Front, Moro National Liberation Front, Organization of Islamic Cooperation, Mindanao universities, diplomats, and non-government organizations from the Philippines and other countries.

Some 1,000 youths are also expected to join the  event.

Alberto Quattrucci, secretary general of Peoples and Religions, Community of Sant'Egidio, said they will give everyone a chance to talk.

“Dialogue is important, it is essential protection from war. When the voice of dialogue is interrupted, the voice of knives starts. People are very tired of war,” he said. —KBK, GMA News


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Травень 7 2016

Союз Папи задля нової Європи

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Квітень 26 2016

Mолитва за мир в Соборі Святого Олександра в Києві

IT | ES | DE | PT | RU | UK
Серпень 24 2015

Представники релігій разом зі Спільнотою Святого Егідія зберуться разом вТирані 6-8 вересня, щоб заявити про те, що мир завжди можливий #peaceispossible

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Липень 9 2015

Паломництво до Києва, в Україну, Спільноти Святого Егідія з Генуї: мир починається з братерства

IT | ES | DE | FR | UK
Березень 2 2015

Чому важливий заклик до примирення в ЦАР, підписаний в Сант-Еджидіо?

IT | EN | ES | FR | PT | UK
Січень 16 2015

Наші обійми дружби й солідарності Нігерії, жертви насильства: #мивсінігерійці

IT | EN | ES | DE | FR | PT | CA | NL | UK
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Жовтень 10 2017

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